Model Martina Big, Set on Being an African Woman, Claims She Has Natural “African Hair”

Transracial hair?

Transracial people claim to have a true racial identity that is different from their birth race. They say that they are not unlike transgender citizens, with people like Rachel Dolezal are claiming they do not feel white, rather they are black and trapped in a white body.

While the idea of being “transracial” is (rightly) controversial, Dolezal isn’t the only one out there. German glamour model, Martina Big also claims that she isn’t white. Like Dolezal, she has white genes and was raised with the privileges of being white, but Big asserts she is a black woman and has dedicated her life to ‚Äútransitioning.”

After numerous surgeries and skin treatments that she feels reflects her true race more accurately, Martina Big is claiming that she has “naturally African hair.” Just… what?

Source: Facebook/Martina Big

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