Married Woman Shames Sleazebag Who Tries to Convince Her to Cheat

There's still hope in the game of true love

In case you were wondering, love is still a battlefield. But, it sure is comforting to know that there are some good soldiers who are doing it all in the name of love. So, when we see people doing d-bag things to potentially break up a happy home, it’s time to shut them down and put them on blast!

Such was the case for one woman who noticed a guy she had been having some political banter with on Facebook slide into her DM’s. This guy could be called a creep (or worse), but he was definitely clueless when he attempted to convince one married woman to step out on her husband. See her first class response to this two timing jerk!

Source: Imgur/littlesb79

It always goes down in the DMs.
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