A Ridiculous List of Women’s Body Parts That Are Shamed

"Perfection" only exists on your own terms.

Your body may never be perfect.

Acceptance and self-love are topics we need to teach girls at a young age, so that those awkward tween and teen years go a little smoother.

With the prevalence of social media, millions of people are addicted to posting selfies or other personal content. Unfortunately, if their profiles are public, these users frequently get trolls and haters they’ve never even met criticizing their bodies and trying to tear them down. Many strangers will creep on pages just to pass judgement.

Along with our social media addictions comes regular people scrolling through photos of Instagram models and comparing themselves to them. Whether intentional or subconsciously, we all compare our looks and lifestyles to that of others. Someone young and impressionable will see how many likes or followers a bikini models gets and can easily equate popularity and love with what their bodies look like.

Meanwhile, even women who are considered drop dead gorgeous get minor things pointed out and mocked. It’s more than just a cellulite dent here or there. The features and body parts getting called out are absolutely absurd.

Check out what preposterous things women are being called out for.

Credit: Kletr/Shutterstock

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