Landscaping and Manscaping Horror Stories

Watch those razors, people!

We all joke about all the… hair in adult films from the 70s: Big bushes and hairy jungles. But in the last few decades, removal of the hair down there has become more and more popular. People say having smooth genitals makes intercourse more pleasurable (because of that there has been a sharp decrease in cases of people having crabs).

Starting with “personal trimmers” then moving to shaving, waxing, and now the increasingly popular laser hair removal, millennials just seems to prefer to go bare. While it’s your body and you do whatever you want with any of your hair, if you do chose to remove your pubes, please always do so with caution. These Redditors have had some bad run-ins with razors and other things on their very sensitive bits and pieces.

Warning! Graphic descriptions ahead!

Credit: Tuomas Lehtinen/Shutterstock

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