WTF: Judge Cites the BIBLE to DEFEND Disgusting Man Who Went Medieval on His Cheating Wife!

Victim blaming IRL

Studies claim about a third of married people cheat. Reports say that Millennials cheat less than their parents’ generation for a number of cultural reasons. Cheating may be in decline, but it will never go away: There will always be that flirty coworker, drunken flirt at the bar, or old flame that comes back.

While cheating is grounds for divorce or anger, it isn’t illegal. Everyone reacts differently to cheating, but it’s usually a mix of anger, hurt, betrayal, insecurity, and sadness. Unfortunately, some people act out on the anger part more than other. Punch a wall, throw a bottle… or even hurting their partner.

This court case of a cheating wife getting beaten has me wondering WTF is wrong with, not only our justice system, but the courts in other countries.

Credit: sirtravelalot/Shutterstock