If This Story About a Woman’s Sugar Daddy Is True I Quit Life

Thicker than water?

There will always be young, attractive, and fun people looking to be pampered with designer clothes, fine dining cuisine, vacations, and more. Sugar daddies and sugar mamas tend to be older folks with money to burn who want companionship from hot young thang in exchange.

There are even several dating sites whose premise is to set up sugar daddies with sugar babies, such as SeekingArrangement — whose tag-lines boast “No strings attached: Redefine the expectations of a perfect relationship” and “Find a mentor: Established Sugar Daddies offer valuable guidance for long-term stability.”

But there’s one weird sugar daddy case that has Twitter in a flurry. YoungBoyLay tweeted on July 5 of this year: “Y’all pray for my cousin she just found out her sugar daddy was her biological father.”


Source: Imgur