A Look Inside the German Brothel With No Human Call Girls

To Compute or Not to Compute?

There are many people across the world who get paid for their bodies. Whether they do it solely for the money, were forced into it, or enjoy it — like the author of Diary of a Call Girl — some of them are now being replaced by artificial men and women.

With all of the technological advances of the world, consumers are changing. And new high tech toys are touching every industry… even the sexual ones.

At this point in time, probably everyone and their gamgam knows about RealDolls (the next level of s*x dolls) that you can customize to order for thousands of dollars. As time goes on, more companies are creating these love dolls, trying to one-up each other in the process. Even artificially intelligent ones are now being introduced (which brings up a lot of moral and ethical questions).

In Dortmund, Germany stands a place called Bordoll: The country’s first den of iniquity that has no actual service providers.

Source: Instagram @lumidolls.russia

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