I Saved My Virginity for My Husband and I Regret It

What it's like to wait

Our society has gotten more and more accepting of frank talk about matters that used to be considered taboo. Not just gender-norms and sexual orientations, but actual bedroom talk in public and sexy scenes on TV and in movies. Women can discuss what they like in the bedroom without fear of judgement. We have dating apps that some people just use to look for a one night stand.

Than again, there are millions of Americans who still hold traditional values when it comes to sexy times. It’s not uncommon in some religions for both the man and woman to wait until marriage until they consummate. If you’ve ever seen 19 Kids and Counting, you know that The Duggars — who are only allowed to “side hug” for physical affection — are Independent Baptist. Their engaged children can’t even kiss their betrothed until the wedding ceremony!

Of course a slew of questions pop up. What if they suck at making out? What if they aren’t a good match in the sack? Well that’s what happened to J. Renee, who told her disappointing tale of finally losing her virginity and it being crappy.

Credit: Kamil Macniak/Shutterstock

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