I Answered My Dad’s Online Hookup Ad

“You are blinded by your own sin."

It’s fairly common for married men to be caught cheating on their wives. It even seems like more and more devout Christian men are having affairs. Sometimes, they even cheat with men, even though publicly they are against LGBTQ+ people.

For example, Bob Allen Allen was a married Florida State Representative, who was very anti gay rights. In 2007, he was was arrested for offering a male undercover cop $20 to receive oral in a restroom. He claimed he only did it because he was afraid the large officer was trying to mug him, but no bought his excuse.

The list goes on and on, even involving those who are underaged. However, possibly no case was worse than Aussa Lorens’ story. She wrote about catching her Christian dad trying to pick up other men (and about her Christian parents’ denial) for Narritvely.

Credit: Alvaro Pantoja/Getty Images

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