Women Divulge How They Can Tell What Kind of Peen A Guy Has

Got something to prove?

Small wangs aren’t necessarily a bad thing. And “small” is also relative. The average size of an American with a peener is 4.8 inches. So if men have been comparing themselves to adult film stars since puberty, it’s understandable that some of them would be insecure about their size.

Anyone who is into peens knows that there are a lot of factors that go into the quality of one: Girth and shape matter. But what REALLY matters is if the dude knows how to use it properly. There’s a lot of larger guys who rest on their laurels and just jackhammer away and don’t learn various techniques to get their partners off. Whereas intelligent, thoughtful, confident people with smaller sized members are usually amazing at giving oral and other delightful pleasures.

The problem is that some people who are smaller in the pants are extremely insecure about it and try to overcompensate for it in ways outside of the bedroom. Do these small peen stereotypes hold true?

Credit: andriano.cz/Shutterstock

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