Genius Ways to Get out of a Bad First Date With Tact

"I left the stove on."

I am a coward. I’ll admit it. I’ve carried on with first dates even though I immediately knew didn’t like them physically or otherwise. It’s one of many issues that people who use dating apps have to face. Whether you are looking for love, a friend, or a friend for night, you are constantly gambling. Will they look like their photos? Will they be paralyzingly nervous? Will they be rude to the bartender? The list of “what ifs” and deal-breakers can go on and on.

Sometimes dates crash and burn and you want to leave. What’s the point of investing more of your time into someone you don’t click with? Doing the old “I’m going to the bathroom” and never coming back trick is despicable and you never know if word of your yellow-bellied behavior will get around. So how does one go about making a polite exit?

Here are some ideas…

Credit: Voyagerix/Shutterstock

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