Happily Never After: People Share How They Knew the Marriage Wouldn’t Last

Going Down in Flames

The concept of marriage isn’t for everyone, but society and family are still pressuring people to settle down with someone and build a life together. While doing this is totally possible without a marriage certificate, lots women have been dreaming of their wedding day for years.

So, if things are heading south leading up the wedding, it’s hard to know to to proceed. Investing the time and money it takes to plan a wedding is exhausting. Then, delaying or even cancelling it is embarrassing and costly.

It is important to remember that if a couple has major issues, a marriage isn’t necessarily going to fix it. (Just like having children will not fix a marriage.) These real life accounts of relationship problems were so bad that even guests at the weddings could even see that The Big Day was flawed with emotional issues.

Credit: Alexandru Logel/Shutterstock