How Many Partners Has the Average American Had?

What's your number?

If you are in a relationship, does it matter to you how many people your partner has been with? Is it even something you ask? The last time I think I asked someone was back in college. After I graduated is when I started dealing with f**kboys and men more experienced than me so I did NOT want to know. In fact, it shouldn’t even matter. If I was asked right now, I wouldn’t be able to give you a number because I don’t keep a list. Also, it’s none of anyone’s business.

But humans are naturally curious about others. Does the fact that you’ve slept with more than people than the average make you feel embarrassed? Does sleeping with less than the average make you feel prude? That’s a normal feeling. Even though it doesn’t really matter, the fact is that we all want to know how we stack up.

So read on, with a grain of salt, and remember that amount of people you have slept with in no way reflects your worth.

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