Hilariously Embarrassing Sexting Fails

Always double check before sending...

Gather around kids and listen to Gamgam Chewy talk about sexting. Back in my day, we didn’t have the smart phones. We would use AOL chatrooms (private and public) and AIM. Like all new technologies, the internet was primarily used for naughty things. We’d call it cybersex or cybering, and it was mainly done with strangers.

Now that we have super fast mini computers (with amazing cameras) in our palms, society has upped the level of sexting to include photos and videos. Amazingly, it’s something we can do anywhere, like the car or the bathroom at work. Long gone are the days of talking dirty in the middle of the family living room, where the clunky, huge shared family computer was placed.

A large portion of people who have engaged in sexy times through phones have messed up at one point or another (i.e. sending something X-rated to a family member, sending a d-pic to your best friend, or leaving a close up of your vulva in your iPhone photos).

If you thought your mistake was mortifying, wait until you read these.

Credit: pathdoc/Shutterstock

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