Fifteen Stories About Jerking Off That’ll Make You Say “Same”

Funny because it's true

We all do it. Some of us don’t mind talking and joking about it, but rubbing one out is human nature. Male or female, chasing that orgasm with your hand or a toy is a small pleasure in our stressful lives. Worries about family, money, jobs… it all goes away when you are out of your head and concentrating on your loins.

Most of us take frisky things way too seriously, but these are the funniest (and kinda saddest) Tweets about self-love. Whether you are a novice, hopelessly single, or a chronic wanker, you’ll get a kick out of these awesome jokes about stroking one out.

Please read these AFTER you jerk off so you don’t get so depressed. You’ll see what I mean…

Credit: iproname/Shutterstock

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