Fifteen Hilarious Facts About the Japanese P*rn Industry That Will Blow Your Mind


The sexual culture in Japan is different than it is anywhere else. So much so that in Tokyo, you can buy used panties from vending machines. If you’ve ever watched Japanese adult content online, you’ve probably seen some very unique and memorable things. With some young men tending to have a pillow waifus instead of a real girlfriend, the Japanese culture is very much about cleanliness, politeness… and sexual repression.

Being horny is natural, and if you repress something physical and emotional like that, it tends to backfire. People will lash out in various ways. One of those ways is, um, strange and unusual fetishes. If you have seen Octopus Girl (don’t search for that at work), you know what I’m getting at here… The Japanese can get very creative with their adult videos, even though it is highly regulated.

While there have been plenty of Hollywood movies about the American adult film industry, we don’t know a lot about Japan’s. So, check out these interesting facts before booking your plane ticket to Kyoto.

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