C-Spot: How To Achieve A Mind Blowing Cervical Orgasm

We'r'e talking full body!

Most women who can achieve orgasm usually do so mainly through clitoral stimulation. Some can get off through penetration, through the back door, or even just from some really adept chest play. But some lucky women can achieve what some say is the best type of orgasm: cervical!

Most people don’t know the cervical orgasm, aka the C-spot aka The Third Orgasm. The difference? With a cervical orgasm, it’s a slower build. Think of all that Tantric stuff you’ve heard about about building up to mind-bending orgasms with someone you love and trust. If you are able to reach climax through your cervix, it’s supposed to feel like a tingling, vibrating wave that spreads from between your belly button and vag outwards, to your head and to your toes — some even say that it can last for hours.

Sound good? Let’s learn how to get there.

Credit: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

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