She Wanted to Find Proof Her Mom’s BF Was Cheating, Instead She Found Thousands of Lewd Photos of HERSELF

This pervert is unbelievable

When you’re young and have a single parent, it can be hard when that parent brings a new partner into your life. Children have such intense emotions and most aren’t old enough to know how to process them. Jealousy? Fear? Anger? As you get older, the more the new partner might stick around, and the more you begin to trust them ― or even grow to love them.

In this case, the unnamed daughter probably thought of Matthew Bordeaux as a father figure. He had lived with the girl and her mother for seven years and had been welcomed as part of the family. However, the daughter became suspicious of Matthew. She had a feeling that he was cheating on her mother. Then, she went snooping and found out he was doing something even worse.

Credit: Broward County Sheriff’s Office