Three Hour Orgasm Sent This Super Horny Woman To the ER

Heaven or hell?

A lot of mishaps can happen during fornication. You know, carpet burn, cramp, getting stuff stuck up your bum, and much more. Most of these little accidents cause pain and maybe a trip to the doctor, but nothing more serious.

This Seattle woman wasn’t in pain, though… she just couldn’t stop cumming! You’ve heard of one of the side effects of male enhancement drugs being a four hour long boner, but imagine spurting that long!

There are a lot of things we still don’t know about the human body, and that includes our genitals. Even with all the scientific advancements and knowledge our private parts still sometimes go on the fritz. Can you imagine being the medical staff who had deal with this woman’s screams and moans. I’m sure this is one tale that gets told at numerous cocktail parties… names redacted, of course!

Credit: TLC

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