Men Share the Hilarious Stories of the First Time They Beat Their Meat

That Day You Became a Man...

We all remember our first time losing our virginity, but do you also recall the first time you touched yourself? The beginning of puberty is hard. Getting flooded with hormones awakens your sexuality.

When we women get turned on, we don’t have anything that needs hiding from view. Men, on the other hand, were constructed with their genitals on the outside, which can make things really embarrassing when they get a hard-on in public.

When guys discover touching themselves, their entire world changes. It’s not unusual for a teenage boy to spend hours locked in their bedrooms or take really long showers in order to enjoy their bodies.

There’s nothing like your first time learning how to do it. These guys have no problems sharing their first jerks with Reddit and Your Tango.

Credit: Lolostock/Shutterstock

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