Guys Reveal What Sexual Things They’d Do to a Girl Who Isn’t Girlfriend Material

"A threesome. It would haunt me."

As a woman, I’m very particular about who I get it on with. I mean, I’m not into giving my goodies to every tom, Dick, and Harry; I’d rather keep it tight for the man I’m going to be with. But there are some women who are doing just that. No judging, though. Men do the same. In fact, there are men who choose how they get it on with women.

Did you know that a man will release his sexual beast, get rough, and even have an orgy with a woman he doesn’t see as a girlfriend, but will do none of the above with a woman he wants to take seriously?

In a Reddit forum, a user posed the question: What kinds of sexual things would you only do with a girl you didn’t actually like or see as “girlfriend material”? You’ll be surprise to see what guys would do to a woman they’d never be make their girlfriend.

From orgies to gangbangs, these answers get wild
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