College Girls Have Quite Interesting Thoughts About Back Door Action

What, what in the butt?!

As we become more sexually progressive as a society, more and more women are trying out bum play. Once considered something that only gay men do, people of all gender identies are finally discovering the joys of butt stuff. Anything from a pinky to a giant dildo, millions of Gen Xers and Millenials are enjoying an orifice that was once deemed “exit only.”

With almost a million subscribers, SimpleSexyStupid is a YouTube channel that revolves around sexy coeds and questions about getting it on. In this episode, one of the SSS guys goes to a college campus to interview various women. While the initial questions are about first dates and kissing, he immediately turns the interview into how to get a girl to do anal. See their responses.

Source: YouTube/SimpleSexyStupid

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