Guy Attempts to Go on SIX Dates Back To Back And Gets Himself Caught Deep

Karma's a witch.

The one thing that we know about cheaters is that they’ll do anything they can to get away with it. For some people, there’s just nothing they would like more than to be with as many people as possible at the same time, even if that means bending over backwards, telling huge amounts of lies, and dedicating all of their time to making sure that their victims will never find out the truth. Luckily for the rest of us, sometimes cheaters are also pretty stupid, and it’s incredibly satisfying to watch them get caught.

It’s one thing to date two different people at once, and even dating three people is a reach. But this guy really pushed his boundaries when he tried to date six different women at the same time. So it’s not shocking at all that it eventually all collapsed around him, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less satisfying to watch it all unfold.

Source: Twitter @LisettePylant