Girl Asked Her BF for an Essay on Why She Should Go Down on Him… And He Nailed It

"To blow, or not to blow?"

All guys love oral. But for most women, it’s not an easy task and a lot of us have to be in the right mood to give a full BJ. It’s mentally and physically exhausting, especially if the guy wants to relax and take his time enjoying it for half an hour or more. There are women who straight up hate giving oral and won’t do it at all… then there are women who want their man to earn it.

Hannah is one of those women who wants her boyfriend to work for his delightful treat. What does she want from him? Jewelry? Nah. Full body massage? Nope. She wanted her man, Jose, to write a persuasive essay, a lá university, on why she should wrap her lips around his peen.

Men will go to great lengths to get some head, so Jose did not back down from the challenge. I wish my college papers were on subjects like this. Read his eloquent thesis and maybe even plagiarize it to your own advantage.

Source: Twitter @H0NEYBLONDE

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