Guy Declares He “Won’t Date Hot Women Anymore” and the Internet Tears Him Apart

Wait a relief for all the hot women out there

Who’s more shallow in this scenario: the woman who looks beautiful and has a lot of attention thrown at her by men, or the man who refuses to date such a woman because he thinks that she’s going to be a selfish airhead because of how she looks?

It’s pretty hard to form the answer because you don’t know these people personally, but you could assume that the man would be more shallow because he’s the one making assumptions about somebody’s personality based on their looks. And yet, such a man like this claims that it’s the shallow people he’s avoiding. He says he is a lot happier now that he has a partner who isn’t “hot.” Read all about the non-hot dater and his average fiancée next!

Credit: DailyMail UK

I guess those hotties just couldn't keep up with his own shallow nature
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