Groom Gets Revenge On His Unfaithful Bride By Playing A Video At Their Wedding of Her…

Exposed on her special day

Weddings are often the biggest day of womens’ lives. Many of them plan for months, or even years, for that one special day they marry the love of their life in front of beloved friends and family.

Some women go the traditional route with a white dress, a church ceremony, and with their father giving them away. But more and more American women are going a low-key route, without the wedding planner and eight bridesmaids. Some even just go to the Justice of the Peace and get it over with it.

When the big day finally comes, no matter how you choose to celebrate, the groom is usually depicted as getting cold feet at the last minute. This man in particular didn’t get cold feet, but he also didn’t want to get married. Instead of cancelling his wedding, he went on with the pomp and circumstance… It was all for one of the biggest mike drops of all time.

Credit: Alexandru Logel/Shutterstock