Girl Pranks Her Boyfriend With A Juicy Surprise In His Sandwich

Bon Appétit

Pimple popping, knitting tutorials, makeup hauls, product reviews: YouTube is a seemingly never-ending wealth of information and entertainment. There’s nothing better than the prank videos though, and since they are so popular, people try to one-up each other, coming up with innovative and hilarious ways to f*** with people.

Messing with strangers can be really entertaining, but quite dangerous if they decide to punch you in the face for scaring them. Most of the time, a stranger freezes or is confused anyway.

Some of the most popular prank videos are people messing with their friends and family. Since you know your brother is deathly afraid of rats, then you know exactly what to do to get to him.

This prank master came up with the ultimate way to scare her man: Hide what looked like a used condom in his morning breakfast sandwich.

Credit: TextureMAN/Shutterstock