Girl Admits She Used to Sleep With Her Cousin and Even Dreamt About Him After She Was Married

The phrase "kissing cousins" wouldn't exist if it wasn't commonplace

When you hear the word “incest,” does your skin start crawling? Do you feel just slightly uncomfortable, or do you have no feelings towards it at all? At what point does a relationship between relatives go from incestuous to totally okay? Every state has a different law about what degree of relation is the cut-off mark, but your own family members may totally disapprove of something that’s technically legal. Some may also say that as long as you’re two consenting adults, nothing else should matter, not even a little bit of shared DNA.

This lady decided to give us her take on her long-term secret affair with her cousin and how it’s affecting so much of her life.

Credit: wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock

It sounds like she's got more problems on her hands than just this