How To Flick Your Bean When You Have A Roommate

How do you pull this off at home?

Kat George has got a serious problem. She’s an amorous young lady, but she lives with a roommate. It’s not such a big problem for her when she’s got a man over giving her the business, but it’s awkward when she’s all alone with adult movies and a buzzing piece of equipment.

She started off about her particular predicament, saying, “I’m broke and I live in New York City, so having no privacy or personal space comes with the territory. But getting sneezed on by a bum or having some dude’s boner involuntarily pressed against my lower back at peak hour on the subway wouldn’t be so bad if I could go home and walk around n*ked and just sing whatever stupid Rob Thomas song I pretend not to like publicly, free of the shameful knowledge that someone else can hear me.”

Credit: bikeriderlondon/Shutterstock

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