Gay People Share Their Straightforward Thoughts About Getting It On With the Opposite Sex

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

American biologist Alfred Kinsey came up with his theory that sexuality is a sliding scale all the way back in 1953. The “Kinsey Scale” range from zero (exclusively homosexual) to six (exclusively heterosexual) and posits that human sexual preference can fall anywhere on that spectrum — or be an “X” for those who identify as asexual.

Over 60 years later, intensive sexual research continues, with some believing there are over 60 genders, though the Kinsey Scale is still considered the basis for interpreting sexual attraction for many. With sexual freedom slowly increasing, we are now aware those who are pansexual, polyamorous, sapiosexual, and much much more. There are even those who are into trying anything once out of curiosity.

Why would a 100% homosexual man or woman try intercourse with someone they are absolutely not attracted to? These Redditors fessed up, telling why they tried the vagine or peen.

There’s nothing like living through other people’s sexual adventures, so keep reading.

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