Real ‘Friends With Benefits’ Situations That Went Horribly Wrong

It's best not to play with people's emotions

All too often people get themselves into friends with benefits relationships only to find out what plenty of other have already realized: they just don’t last. They can’t.

Either you and your FWB will be so passionless about each other that the intimacy seems boring, one of you meets someone you want to date for real, or someone will wind up falling for the other person which drives the “FWB” relationship straight down the tube.

However these specific situations start up, they always come to an end one way or the other. Hopefully for everyone involved, it’s not that dramatic… but usually it is. We’re talking about the ever-irrational topics of love and romance, so it’s pretty common that something small can spiral out into a huge mess — plus, the love isn’t there to keep you together.

See for yourself! These FWBs broke up harder than most serious couples.

Credit: Ollyy/Shutterstock

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