Time to Forget These Outdated Dating Rules

Throw 'em out the window!

It’s 2018, but many traditional people abide by certain guidelines when it comes dating and romance. Whether it stems from religion or the way they were raised, there are those who take dating much more seriously than many of those who fiddle around on free apps.

As a whole, the younger generations generally have a more casual view of hooking up, dating multiple people at once, as well as what constitutes a date these days. Dating apps and sites make it easy to find a date for the day of, if you are so inclined.

The following self-imposed dating “rules” have become antiquated for most people. For those who still follow them, get with the new program!

(Remember though: Do what is comfortable for YOU. If you still believe in any of these, that’s perfectly fine. There’s no wrong way to date, as long as both parties are comfortable.)

Credit: Lifestyle Stock/Shutterstock

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