Creep Posing as P*rn Producer Tricked Multiple Women Into Sleeping With Him

He had legal papers and everything

It’s been said that the adult entertainment industry has been becoming increasingly legitimate and friendly towards female performers who once were treated like disposable meat. That could be due in part to an influx of women hopping behind the camera or even starting up their own companies that are far more welcoming and sensitive to the needs of ladies. That doesn’t mean that the industry is without male creepers, trying to pull scams on ladies, or that men outside of the industry aren’t using false information to trick women just trying to work.

This particular creeper put up a pretty good front, knowingly risking jail, just so he could get some illicit videos from unsuspecting women. He’ll be the one paying the ultimate price after victimizing several people with deception and blackmail.


They wanted to break into the industry so bad that they resorted to this...
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