Men Share the Dirty Details on Why They Prefer Doing It In the V or the A

Why is the backdoor so alluring?

Maybe it’s the onslaught of readily available adult films on the internet, but so many men these days seem to be more obsessed with doing it in the butt than they used to be. While professional XXX actresses make the act seem easy, anyone who has tried it in real life knows it’s a tricky task. The potential poo and pain deters many women, but there are also lots of ladies who don’t just oblige requests for anal — they love doing it.

According to men who have tried it, the vag and the butt are different sensations. While one would assume guys want the tightness of the rear, some men aren’t that crazy about it. But why? These Redditors explain which they prefer, why, and even what each hole feels like.

Credit: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

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