The Secret To Having Period Sex Without Making A Bloody Mess

There is a better way

Every woman knows what it’s like to deal with their monthly visitor, and it’s never simple. There’s planning, purchasing, and preparation involved to ensure a mess-free few days when the Red River really gets to flowing. It can seriously impede your life at times. That’s the problem that Jen Noonan had always experienced. She said about her period habits, “I was almost exclusively a pad user from the time I began my period at age 12. I tried tampons on a few occasions but was never able to get the hang of them; people say you don’t feel them, but I did. Pads weren’t always practical—like when I was playing sports, wearing tight pants, or, say, didn’t want a puddle of blood in my underwear—but I accepted the status quo.”

Though she struggled with her options for 26 years, she broke and went about looking for something else.Here’s what she found…

Credit: AXL/Shutterstock

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