Dirty Talk: Women Share the Hilariously Horrible Things Guys Have Said In Bed

"Is it in yet?"

The art of seduction is being lost. “Courting” a woman is almost obsolete in the West. No longer do men have to write sonnets and recite them to a fair maiden up in a balcony. We match on a dating app, chat for a bit, meet up, have drinks, and maybe bone — that’s pretty much the state of affairs these days. With both men and women asking for a late night romp by sending lazy “u up?” texts, it’s no wonder that so many men these days are bad at talking dirty.

Talking dirty before and during intercourse is a major turn on for man or woman. It gets our imaginations going, which gets us wet and them hard(er). The anticipation and teasing is sometimes better than the actual deed! So whispering naughty things in your partners ear is a good technique to have in your repertoire.

However, these women were willing to talk to Thrillist and on Reddit to admit the silly, inappropriate, and just plain idiotic things partners have uttered while getting down an dirty.

Pro tip: It’s easy to learn how to talk dirty to your parter… GOOGLE.

Credit: Dmitri Ma/Shutterstock

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