The Different Types of Orgasms Women Can Have

Cancel all your plans this weekend

There’s not official number on the kinds of orgasms cis-women can have — the numbers according to studies range from five to 12 different types! This is awesome news for those who cannot come through intercourse alone, which actually is 50 to 70% of us. Not to mention, studies find that 10 to 15 percent are never able to climax.

It turns out that there are so many erogenous zones in a person’s body. Don’t count out being able to orgasm through other places besides your genitals! Being able to climax has many health benefits, like stress relief, pain relief, help you sleep more soundly, and more.

So if you are someone who has trouble reaching completion for health or emotional reasons, test some of these out. Be sure you are relaxed, comfortable, and don’t try to hard to force the orgasm. Sit back and enjoy the journey!

Credit: Aleynikov Pavel/Shutterstock

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