Diane Keaton Under Fire for Defending Longtime Friend Woody Allen

Time's Up?

Harvey Weinstein. James Franco. Mario Batali. Matt Lauer. These famous, powerful men, along with many more, have recently been accused of sexual misconduct. While people everywhere are gathering strength to come forward with their stories and accusations, there’s always been one man in Hollywood that seemed to be overlooked.

On Jan. 15, famous writer and director Woody Allen was once again accused of sexual assault by his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow. To make matters worse for Allen, Farrow alleges the incident took place in 1992 when she was just seven years old. Allen has long denied these accusations, but his famous friends are now torn on the issue.

Now one of Allen’s former muses — and one of the most famous women in Hollywood — is speaking out in his support.

Credit: United Artists

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