Missing Woman Found DEAD After Tinder Date Leaves Cryptic Video Denial

Stranger danger

It’s an unwritten rule that when it comes to meeting with somebody you met from the internet that you do it in a public place. You never know who they’ll really be, so it;’s best to be safe and keep it to coffee shops, bars, and restaurants until you know they’re legit. Even if you’ve video chatted with them for weeks or months, you can never be too careful. Most Tinder first dates are harmless. More often than not they’re just a single person looking for love (or, more often, a good time) and after a few hours, you head home — or make a connection and head home together.

Unfortunately, some people don’t make it home. Twenty-four-year-old Sydney Loofe — who went missing on Nov. 15 in Lincoln, Nebraska — never made it back from her Tinder date that night. Her remains weren’t found until Dec. 3, almost a month later.

Now, people are wondering what happened to her, and why her date made two denial videos for the public.

Credit: Taney County Sheriff’s Office