Cake By The Ocean: Couple Gets Busted In Sandy Romp Sesh

Sand. Sand everywhere.

Ah, Labor Day weekend. The unofficial mark of the end of summer has millions of Americans flocking for some final sun and fun on the beaches. After all, there’s nothing like lounging around with a beer, grilling up some tasty treats, and just shooting the s*** with your family and friends.

It may seem like a faraway dream already, having been back to the grind for a few weeks now, but this past Labor Day was especially memorable for one couple. And even more memorable for their onlookers.

Maybe this Florida couple had too many cold ones or maybe the woman was looking mighty fine in her skimpy bathing suit, but these two decided they couldn’t wait to go back to a private room to enjoy each other’s bodies.

Their public act didn’t go unnoticed. Or unreported.

Source: Facebook @Jeffrey Kernan