When the Cops Found His Disemboweled GF, He Tried to Convince Them It Was Just a Blow-Up Doll

House of horrors

By now, everyone knows the running joke about Florida Man: It seems like the most messed up news comes from the state of Florida. Not clean cases, but really effed up stuff. Heck, there’s even a blog that tracks odd Florida crime cases in search of the wildest news. Maybe it’s something in the water, but regardless I still have love for the Sunshine State.

This latest strange case should be a job for Dexter. Though fictional, the man with a taste for murder who only killed bad guys in the Miami-Dade area of Florida made for a great Showtime series. Unfortunately we don’t have real life vigilantes to bring justice to those wronged… but the Miami-Dade cops are on call for this sick, twisted case.

Source: Miami-Dade Corrections