Confessions of a Phone Entertainment Operator

What are you wearing?

It’s 2017 — We have cam sites, Chaturbate, and can even get IRL hookups through dating apps. Yet some guys still like it old school: Those 900 numbers where you pay per minute to have a stranger talk dirty to you. Amazing!

Who know, with all the adult films that are free on the internet, men still want to use their imaginations? It’s actually kind of cute: Dirty talk is sexy and not enough people can do it well.

Lonely men are getting scenarios they can’t otherwise. A sultry Russian spy who likes to bang on horseback? Sure. A lonely redheaded housewife with a penchant for BDSM? Absolutely. You get the idea. Just about anything goes. But what does it take to be on the other end of the line?

Megon Dee tells her tale of being a “phone actress.” She’s spilling all the behind the phone secrets, requests, and how her job affected her relationship.

Credit: STUDIO GRAND OUEST/Shutterstock

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