Confessions of a Craigslist Casual Encounters Addict

Can't stop.

Fooling around with someone anonymously can be a fetish for many people. No names, maybe some kinky stuff, and then you go your two (or three) separate ways. Back in the day, men would peruse through “the back pages” of a newspaper, looking for a one-off lover. These days, we have Craigslist: Find a job, find an apartment, find your lost dog, and find a naughty night.

While it’s fine for consenting adults to have a romp with a stranger, some people become addicted to the experience. The anonymity, exploration the body of someone one new, and the amazing ease of it are all a rush for those who enjoy it.

How does it work? People post who/what they are looking for, maybe along with some naughty pics of themselves. Their inboxes can be flooded in minutes. They pick their preferred prospect and quickly meet up. There is no small talk about the whether or what they do for a living. Get naked. Get off. Go home.

Casual Encounters could also be used to make some quick money for the cash strapped college student or underemployed restaurant server. Yes, some users choose the free NSA route, but other people have some really quirky fetishes that they need a professional for.

Read stories from both sides of the sexual encounters made possible by Craigslist.

Credit: vchal/Shutterstock

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