Cheers to This Girl for Dumping Her Boyfriend After He Explained Why He Was Unhappy

Does this guy have vision problems?

If you have never heard of  “negging,” don’t ever try it. Some pick-up artists will tell you that you should flirt with a negative compliment or “neg.” Basically, you would compliment a woman’s shirt, then say something like “my mom has one just like it” or “but it would look better if it was a different color.” The idea behind this little dig is that it will knock a person off-guard and lower their self-esteem, giving you a better chance of getting her to like you back. Again, don’t try it.

Maybe that’s what this particular guy was trying to do with a girl he was already dating. He blatantly told her what he thought about her body, but the “neg” totally backfired on him.

Credit: elwynn/Shutterstock

Dudes will nitpick about body issues that don't even exist