Girl Cheated on Her Boyfriend and Accidentally Texts Him Asking For Advice On…

That's one costly text message

We may never know what makes people cheat; they can say that it “just happened,” that they were feeling unsatisfied in their current relationships, or that they were intoxicated and didn’t realize what they were doing, but the bottom line is that if you’re that unhappy and want to be with someone else, you should just leave your relationship before jumping in bed with someone else. Cheating is never acceptable if someone is being lied to.

We can only hope that people thinking about cheating take this story to heart as it could be them very soon. One young lady loved having her cake and eating it too when she was playing around with another guy while her boyfriend was working hard to bring home the bacon. But she exposed herself when she was asking for advice about how to go on cheating because she sent it to the very person she was lying to about it.

Credit: Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock