Celebs Share Their Horrible and Hilarious Stories About Losing Their V Card

The first time is overrated

“S-x sells,” right? Media moguls and television leaders have used this thinking for… decades. The late, great Hugh Hefner built a multi-million dollar empire on this very two-worded mentality.

An excessive amount of movie/television show writers and book authors love glamorizing sexual activities like one night stands, threesomes, and the forever-famed “first time.” (Admit it… Titanic had us all hyped up, thinking our first times would be steamy and amazing. 50 Shades of Grey, especially, inspired some unrealistic expectations.)

The truth of the matter is that these experiences can be awkward, clumsy, and down right embarrassing… especially the very first time.

These celebrities shared their first time experiences… Trust and believe, nothing about this sells.

Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

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