Escorts Reveal Their Experiences With Women Vs. Men

Yes, women pay for it, too.

There are so many variants of women who work in the taboo world of money for fornication. From a women walking the streets to a high-end courtesan that makes six figures in a week., the world’s oldest profession will always be around. Of course, most of a women’s customers are men, but once in awhile, a lady of the night will get picked up by another woman.

Men frequently say that women can get laid anywhere, anytime… no matter what we look like. While men usually go to pros just to get off , many female “johns” are after something else. Yes, there are rare situations that may require us to hire the help of a professional in the bedroom. These Redditors in the industry share their experiences with other women who paid them to get down.

This is definitely required reading if you are a woman planning on going to a strip club.

Credit: Expensive/Shutterstock

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