After Calling It Off a Week Before, Bride Has Other Ideas for Her $30,000 Wedding

Waste not, want not

Calling off a planned wedding is a major decision. Whatever a person’s reasons are, it takes bravery to notify and explain your personal issues to a number of friends and family. Not to mention the hardest thing: Breaking someone’s heart. Both parties were about to commit themselves to each other forever, commemorating their love in front of everyone they know, only to be rejected at the last minute.

Indiana native Sarah Cummins, 25, knows about this feeling, as she chose to cancel her wedding only a week before it was scheduled. She had her dress, the reception was all planned out, the honeymoon was booked, and her guests were ready to travel. Everything was set.

When she decided to bail, she had more than just calls to loved ones to make… She had a non-refundable reception on her hands. So, what could she do?

Source: Twitter @SAC_Science

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