Unbelievable: Scumbag Ghosts His Girlfriend After Stealing Her Dream Job

This girl's dream guy quickly turned into a nightmare..

This is another case of love gone horribly wrong.

Girl meets dream guy, falls hard, and then gets ghosted!

That’s a not so unfamiliar tale you’ve probably heard before. Sometimes guys don’t text back and when this happens we have two choices: Go full on psycho stalker on them or calmly walk away from our urge to text them 10 million times in 10 minutes.

But what happens when the guy of your dreams leads you on and then leaves you lost, confused, and looking for a new job?

As bizarre as this sounds, we know of at least one girl who can relate.

Credit: BestPhotoStudio/ Shutterstock

Find out how this guy bagged the perfect gig and then went ghost!