Full on Orgy: Wife, Husband and Their GIRLFRIEND Rage At A Swingers Party

A full on orgy

Our society has become so sexually progressive in the last years. No longer do people have to hide or even be ashamed of their kinks. From furries to feet, people have found like-minded individuals online for support, advice, and even meet-ups. However, one lifestyle has blown up more so than the rest: Polyamory.

The practice has gotten so common that my dating apps are now full of poly couples looking for their unicorn. It’s quite overwhelming. Intrigued by the amounts of casual hooking up happening around me, I attended a swinger’s party with a male friend who had experience with it. Being a novice, I just observed. It didn’t turn me off, I was just nervous (and honestly, didn’t find someone I found attractive).

While the lifestyle probably isn’t for me, I did to attempt to dip my toe in the water. But this blogger went full throttle with her experience. Reading her story made me feel vanilla. And also really turned on.

Credit: sakkmesterke/Shutterstock

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